Can I just say, the Sunday Scaries are REAL! 😨You know when you have that "omg is tomorrow really Monday? Ugh it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks when that alarm goes off" feeling. I know you know the one..

Ok so it's not a cure-all but below are a couple tips to build into your Sundays to

help get you through that oh-so-painful Monday grind. They might seem obvious, but if you're reading this, chances are you're not doing 'em.

1. A clean space = a calm mind 🛋

I always say a calm mind starts with a clean space! I know this sounds obvious but the work week can make it look like a tornado hit my apartment.

There's nothing worse than having a cluttered and messy environment to wake up to Monday morning and come home to after a long and grueling day at work. Look, I'm not going to tell you to scrub the floors of your condo every Sunday (your mom and roommates are perfectly capable of that) BUT I will say that focusing on even just one organizational task like laundry or dishes can make allllllll the difference!

2. Meal Prep 🍎

Let's get one thing straight - I hate cooking. So if you think this is one of those "and start by weighing out exactly 4 ounces of chicken breast and labeling your Tuesday tupperwear" posts than you thought wrong.

Meal Prep in my terms can mean whatever you want it to as long as it applies to mentally planning out your food choices. Mondays especially can bring all sorts of surprises and often have us working the hardest out of any weekday so it's easy to reach for a candy bar or bag of chips when you're stressed and tight on time.

Do a grocery run or think about where you might grab lunch the day before to set yourself up for success. Personally, I like buying pre-packaged Lean Cuisines and envisioning my 12-o'clock walk to Whole Foods. That said, if you want to grow a garden in your backyard and cube 5 days worth of cherry tomatoes for lunch salads, then I support. But don't lose sight of this and go for the easy, guilt-ridden option. Make sense?

3. You saw this coming.. SLEEP! 😴

I'm so guilty of staying up late on Sundays binge watching KUWTK. And I know I'm not alone. That said there's nothing worse than waking up grumpy AF and rolling into work looking like you just survived a category 5 hurricane because you only got in 4hrs of sleep. Besides which, the days drag when you're tires. Sooooo get your hours in and pre-record your TV shows, then watch your Monday fly by faster than ever!

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