5 Essential Tips to Prepare You For Your Job Interview

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Congrats! You've landed a job interview, so now what? Landing the interview is definitely a great sign, they're interested in you! Now you just need to come prepared & own your interview.

So a little about me. I've spent the last 4 years working in Recruiting, and I love it! Needless to say though, I've definitely seen it all. So I've put together 5 tips that I really believe can help you as you prepare for your next job interview.

1. Research the company

This sounds silly but I can't tell you how many times I've interviewed candidates who don't know much about the company their interviewing with. It's always good to come prepared to the interview knowing about the company's latest news and updates. A quick Google search can provide you with this information. Next, check out the company's website. You can learn about the organization, their mission statement, history, and different products they offer. I also always make sure to look up the company values. You want to make sure that you are able to relate to their values and what the company stands for. Glassdoor is also an awesome website to check out and learn what others are staying about the company, even current employees, but take what you see with a grain of salt. Some negative reviews aren't always true.

2. Get to know your Interviewer

LinkedIn is your best friend when it comes to this. If you know who you will interviewing with definitely do research on them. See how long they have been at the company, what different roles they've have, some of their interests, and even their Alma mater. If you have this in common, this can definitely come in handy during your interview. Learning about the interviewer will allow you to have some questions targeted for each interviewer you will meet with.

3. Practice makes perfect

So I know this sounds cliche but practicing what you will say during an interview will help you a lot. Don't just wing it. Research what are some popular questions asked during an interview. This can help you polish your answers. Now, don't sound scripted, this will just help you have more of an idea how can answer certain questions if you are asked.

4. Definitely ask questions

Never leave an interview not asking any questions. This is your time to really get to know your future colleagues and also shows your interest in the company. Check out our blog post "Questions you should definitely ask during an interview" to learn more.

5. Follow up & Thank You

Once your interview is completed, don't forget to send a follow up email thanking the interviewer for their time. Also put in the email how you believe you will be such an asset to the team (because let's face it you will) and that you really look forward to working there.

Also, I probably should have mentioned earlier but if this is an onsite interview definitely be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early. If this interview will take place remotely via a webcam, make sure you test out the software prior to your interview to ensure everything is working smoothly. Also, just because its a webcam interview doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up. Make sure you have a professional outfit on as you will be on camera.

I hope these tips are super helpful to you. Comment below and let me know if this worked for you!

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