Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Good Morning and Happy Monday loves! 🎀Now I know Mondays get the worst rep out of all weekdays.. it's always hard for me to get back into the swing of work after the weekend. That said, these are my TOP 3 tips to make Mondays a lot less painful and stay on track with my goals! What do you do on Mondays to stay on track with your goals? Comment below! 👇


1) Get an early start! ⏰

Ok so I know this can be hard but starting your day 1.5hrs earlier than usual will give you a chance to prepare yourself and front load all your to-dos.

I aim to wake up at 6-6:30am and get a gym session in, check over emails and tidy up so I feel A LOT less stressed throughout the day. It's also super important to get to work ON TIME.. plus it makes me feel more accomplished, like if everything else fails, I at least got those couple things out of the way!


2) Have breakfast planned out! 🍳 ☕️

Ok so confession here.. I HATE cooking. The time, the clean up.. none of it is for me. But I do love an English muffin and coffee for breakfast, so I buy these in advance and have them ready to go so I can pop them in the toaster and power through my Monday, no stress added!

Whatever it is that you like to do for breakfast, have it ready to go. No empty fridge, running to Starbucks and making it to work as the clock strikes 9am. Nope! Skip! This one's critical.

3) Join the Anti-Social Social Club.

Ok so not to sound like a complete hermit, I promise I'm not.. but I try to avoid getting together with friends on Mondays. I usually spend my weekends being social and prefer to focus on getting back on track with my goals Monday.

After all, there are only so many hours in the day and it's important to prioritize YOU sometimes too! Obviously, there are things that come up but I generally try to give myself a little bit of a breather Monday to help de-stress.

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